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This past weekend I had the opportunity

Capital City Rising Leaders Program

Several widely available national research studies show that people of color are more likely to have negative experiences with law enforcement than their white counterparts. In the age of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the Capital City Rising Leaders Program hosted a workshop focused on helping middle school minority students understand and apply their legal rights when interacting with law enforcement.  Attorney John Waller served as lead facilitator of that workshop.

Washington Bar Association Speaks at Thurgood Marshall Academy

So blessed for the opportunity to give b

The value of the firm will be placed on the amount of lives that are changed not only in the courtroom, but outside as well. Thurgood Marshall Academy is fortunate to collaborate with a variety of public and private organizations in order to provide our students with the most effective education and support available. Through the Young Lawyers Division of the Washington Bar Association, attorney John Waller mentors the academy's students on the value and impact of practicing law. Continued outreach is an ongoing focal point of the law firm's success.

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